And Done

Thats all my domains now moved over to the new host.

7 years ago I started hosting with Digital Ocean. At exactly 0218Hrs on Friday 23/08/2013 I made my first $5 droplet – and that $5 droplet worked exceptionally well. I had automated backups and with VAT it came to around $7.20 every month. Not a lot by any stretch of the imagination.

The existing VPS was destroyed at 1655Hrs, Monday 30/03/2020 – meaning that droplet ran for exactly 2411 days, 14 hours and 37 minutes. Or 6 years, 7 months, 7 days, 14 hours and 37 minutes – give or take a few seconds. Its a good thing I waited until today to destroy the droplet otherwise there would be an extra calculation due to the DST difference!

But anyway. Onwards and upwards. My new host is £1.20 per month for each server, with a £10 setup fee. I currently have 2 separate servers running – for both reliability and to ease strain as a new customer. So far I’ve spent £16.80 per server for 3 months. Thats £5.60 per month each, so £11.20 per month. Making it a tad more expensive.

Just for information. I just spent the last hour dealing with Digital Ocean’s Billing API to obtain all the following figures – then attempting to use jq to parse this data – and finally excel to do some quick calculations. I also used [1],[2] and [3] in my quest to save time.

Im going use the rounded up value of 6 years and 8 months for the following math – exactly 80 months.

I’ve had a total of $110 in Digital Ocean credit over those 18 months — this includes welcome credit and referrals. Over the 80 months I spent exactly $427.04. Minus that credit brings the total cost to $317.04, so per month that equates to $3.96. Not bad, and still under the $5 cost it should have been! Converting that into UK Pounds equates to roughly £3.15 per month.

As I said my new server is only £1.20 per month, but there’s two of them, so £2.40. A whopping 75p per month saving.

However – I still have to factor in that £10 (each) per server set upon cost – and if I take the average of 80 months £20 becomes £0.25 per month.

All totalled, It looks like i’ll be saving around 50p per month.

Damm. I wish I had done the math before the moves.