New Domains!

Because everyone needs more domains, right?

During a conversation the other week I was lamenting about how much of a pain it is to have to explain my domain when giving it out —

Yeah, its hyphen web — the take-away sign then the word web. W for Whisky, E for Echo, B for Bravo.

A typical reply when asked for my email address

I was asked — why don’t you just buy it without the hyphen? Good advice I suppose. Except that it had already been purchased. I checked on it previously and had done so at random intervals since registering The last update the wayback machine was on the 10th January 2018 – where it simply proclaimed

Welcome to

Staging Server

and had done so since May 2013. Prior to this is looked like a personal server for a Nick B.

I love that about the Wayback Machine — pop in a domain and see how its changed over the years. I’m a bit annoyed at myself as a number of years ago I requested that I be excluded from it and I can’t figure out how to re-enable it, but I digress.

Checking the domain I seen that it was now available for purchase! So I jumped on it, meaning is now improved, with one character less! 14 to 13 characters – a whopping 7.1% decrease!

But Wait – Theres More!

Nominet have also introduced the .uk domain – dropping the .co section. Checking with OVH they had a deal and I ended up grabbing that domain for less than £2 for the first year. A bargain! So that means that the domain now has 10 characters, translating to a near 30% reduction in characters!

The domains will all redirect to the domain as I’ve had it since 2002. I can’t get rid of it that easily!

Why? Why not…